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Patient Education Newsletter System (PENS®) –

Communicate many different things to many different people.


The Patient Education Newsletter System (PENS) offers something very different in healthcare communications. 


PENS produces individualized newsletters for each reader.   This is NOT segmentation nor individualized greetings nor labels, but a specific selection of 4-12 different articles for each household.  Simply put, each household receives a newsletter with a "bundle" of articles selected specifically for the interests, needs and profiles of that specific household


The PENS system does all the work.  PENS matches the best articles to each household and then assembles, prints and mails newsletters.  As a result, there are thousands of newsletter versions in each print run. Yet, clients control the content, graphic design, targeting and timing of articles.


PENS newsletters are formatted for today's busy readers providing information that is:

- Relevant to their specific needs and interests;

- Brief - using articles that are very concise yet very high value;

Useful – in showing how your services solve their specific problems.


PENS Brand Buildup offers Integrated Delivery Networks the opportunity to communicate to people about local services (such as doctors and clinics) while adding articles specific to the household’s needs on services at regional and flagship facilities – all under the main brand or sub-brands.  This approach gives voice to local and regional facilities while also communicating about system-wide services.  Yet the articles in each PENS newsletter are relevant to each household.


PENS communicates B2C and/or B2B.  Clients use PENS Business to Consumer applications to generate new revenues from existing patients as well as new patients from prospects and new movers.  Clients use PENS Business to Business applications to speak One-to-One to such groups as referring physicians (to generate more referrals) or employers (for OccMed).  PENS adapts easily to virtually any opportunity and data set.


PENS offers economy and efficiency.    Often, for about the cost of a single-subject postcard mailer, you can produce and mail an eight-article PENS newsletter.  That’s eight targeted messages in a single mailer for about the same cost of a single one-message postcard. Also, clients often save costs and expand communications by consolidating many different postcard mailers and segmented newsletters into one PENS newsletter.


Finally, PENS provides the detailed, hard-data tracking that builds marketing knowledge; establishes credibility with executives and business units; and supports budget deliberations. This is why PENS newsletters have delivered very high readership and exceptional financial results for over ten years.


To learn more about PENS, contact Greg Padovani, President and Founder; 847-392-9113 or greg.padovani@penscommunications.com

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