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PENS produces individualized newsletters for each household. These are NOT individualized greetings nor labels, but a specific selection of articles for each person in a household.​

Ultra High Performance

Using unique post-relational database technology, PENS delivers multiple relevant messages to each household - all in one newsletter. With PENS, each household is a “Segment of One” receiving a specific "bundle" of articles selected just for them.


PENS newsletters are formatted for today's busy readers providing information that is:

- Relevant

to their specific needs and interests

- Brief

using articles that are very concise yet very high value

- Useful

in showing how services solve their specific problems

Reports and Tracking

PENS provides detailed reports suitable for tracking and attestation. PENS reports are used to support Meaningful Use initiatives. PENS tracking is direct measure of actual results – not inferred. PENS tracking reports summarize actual use of services generated by the newsletter program overall as well as for individual articles in the mailing. Metrics reported are chosen by the client but range from NET revenue, new patients and new utilization to payer mix shift, ROME, and more.

Article Library

PENS has an extensive and growing library of health care topics ranging from physician and service promotion to health education on chronic diseases like diabetes, and asthma.

Each article is setup with its own locked PDF and its own targeting rules.

The PENS System assigns the best articles to each person by matching the article targeting rules to each person’s profile data – including language preference.

PENS does all the work

PENS matches the best articles to each person. Then it assembles, prints and mails newsletters - automatically. Yet, clients control the content, graphic design, targeting and timing of each article – within their brand.

About PENS

The multi-message, multi-language system for individualized patient communications

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